How to resolve HP printers 49.XXXX service Errors

n the past several years while 49.xxxx service errors have turned out to be a standout amongst the most widely common errors associated with HP Printers. Devices like Printers make our printing job very easy & smooth, even it’s quite simple to use the printers these days because of the latest innovation & technologies that make printers much more efficient and easy to access. Well to resolve HP printers 49.XXXX service Errors, a well-explained solution steps has been penned down by a team of HP Printer Support technicians.

Follow the Steps below to Resolve HP Printers 49.XXXX Service Error –

  • Press “CANCEL JOB” to quickly clear out print jobs from the printer’s memory. Now, as suggested by HP Support technical team, turn off your printer & switch it on again.
  • Try to print something from other software application. If the documents are getting printed easily, navigate to the first application & try to print a different file.
  • To Troubleshoot HP Printer error code 49.XXXX, disconnect all cables from the printer that are connected to the network. This should be done if the error code still persists with different software applications and print jobs.
  • Turn off the printer and then, remove all memory DIMMs and third-party DIMMs from your printer. NOTE – Do ensure not to remove the firmware DIMM from the lowest DIMM slot.
  • It is suggested to remove all EIO devices from the printer device and turn it on.
  • If the error 49.XXXX no longer exists, it is well recommended to install each DIMM as well as EIO device one at a time while ensuring to turn off the printer & turn it on again.
  • Replace a DIMM or EIO device if users are completely determined that it is the sole cause of the error code 49.XXXX.
  • Don’t forget to reconnect all of the cables of your HP printer that connect the printer to the network and your computer device.
  • If still the issue continues to happen then, replace the firmware DIMM & then, try to replace the formatter part.

Hope, you are successfully able to resolve HP printers 49.XXXX service Errors. But if you are not able to fix it by following the mentioned procedures, then you need to contact the HP Printer Support Helpdesk. The experts of HP Printer are a highly skilled and certified profession and available 24*7 to assist you in your every issue related to HP Printer.

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