hp printer support removes update that forces customers to use on brand ink cartridges

HP has announced that it would stroll back an update that made it impossible for the owners of certain HP printers to utilize third-party ink cartridges. HP is a tech giant known for its laptops and printers made a controversial decision to quietly trigger a digital lock in the September firmware update. After the update, any customer who attempted or tried to print with a non-HP cartridge would deactivate the printer & receive a cartridge replacement warning. That particular printer would not resume working until an HP brand cartridge was inserted.

Printer inks are famous for its high cost. HP’s official ink cartridges are considerably more expensive than any third-party options. On the Dutch printer ink website 123inkt.nl, an off-brand ink costs around $14 while the official ink comes in at twice the price at $27. It is even more on the official HP website.

HP is hardly alone brand in attempting to restrict third-party access to their devices. The Brand Called Keurig tried a similar move last year, preventing its latest generation of single-serving coffee makers from accepting anything other than Keurig-brand coffee pods. At last, the company eventually reversed the update due to poor public response.

Doctorow is also concerned that these updates will contribute to making these devices more vulnerable to hacks. Security researchers, he said, need to be allowed to access devices in order to find and report defects & vulnerabilities without having to bypass a digital lock. “HP chases its naked self interest by maximizing profits from selling ink toner, and in the process of doing so, they make it a no-go zone for security researchers to check for long term vulnerabilities that can have a bad impact on people,” he said. “What if your light-bulb manufacturer would tell you what kind of socket to use? Which is no good for anybody,” he mentioned.

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